Types of Jobs:

  • Student job placements from 12 weeks
  • Fixed Term jobs for calving and mating
  • Permanent, ongoing jobs

The Process

The first step to working in New Zealand through MARCAT is to send us your CV.

Once we have received your CV will assess your skills and experience. If your application is suitable we will contact you. We will conduct a formal interview and speak with your referees. We will then present your profile to potential employers in New Zealand. Once you have been selected for a job we will send you a job offer. If you accept the job offer we will then send you an employment contract and direct you to the New Zealand visa processing centre in your country to apply for a work visa. To apply for a work visa can take up to 90 days. Once you have received your work visa you can book your flight and notify us of the flight details.
If you would like one of our Licensed Immigration Advisers to take care of your visa application for you, we can arrange that. Click here to see our immigration fees.

Transport to your new place of employment will be provided from the nearest regional airport. Furnished accommodation will be arranged and provided by your employer.

Work Visa

Please visit immigration.govt.nz for further information about obtaining your work visa. If you wish to engage a Licensed Immigration Adviser to undertake your work visa application, please let us know and we will be happy to assist you. Licensed Immigration Advisers

Please apply online – WE NEED YOU!


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