Leonardo Lantieri  ~  Agricultural Engineer

"I chose Marcat’s proposal for the way they conducted the whole process of interviews, e-mails and video calls. Always clarifying my doubts in the best way possible. Everything was very clear, without contradictions, in a very nice way.

Overall, I am totally happy to be working in New Zealand, willing to progress professionally and economically. I'm sure that if you commit yourself to do good things, NZ is the country."  


Hernan Lastre  ~  Agronomist Engineer

“The experience of getting to New Zealand through Marcat was fulfilling from a personal point of view. My adaptation to the life here was pretty easy and quick because everything is organized. It’s a safe place and locals in general have a great predisposition towards foreigners.

Regarding my new job, it is great to work in an environment where everything works. If we have any problems they don’t waste any time to resolve it and immediately call the correct assistant to fix it. This sort of thing creates a great working environment. The owner of the farm treats us really well and that’s also very positive.

My career is being benefited in many ways such as improving my English, working in a top dairy farming country, with plenty of technology and organization. But basically the career starts with yourself. What I benefited the most is personally and this influences everything I want to do”.


Matias Bosch Mayol  ~  Agricultural Engineer

"This experience will benefit my career. The fact of living abroad, learning different production systems and capitalize that knowledge, it is always very positive.

The major complication was the communication at the beginning. Since I arrived, I was told that my English was fine, but it's still hard to get the kiwi accent, quite different than the British I learned in Argentina. And not understanding when they assign a task for you, can be a disaster regardless if it’s the simplest thing to do.

The whole process of Marcat was very well organized. In the end, the truth is that it is much more simple to live and work in another country than what you think.

Thank you Marcat for opening ‘the gate’ to New Zealand with this opportunity to work here."


Sebastian Jolly  ~  Agricultural Technician

“Thanks to Marcat, I could live the most wonderful experience of my life.  Working in New Zealand Dairy has been a lot of learning, with the seriousness of the work and the great capacity to produce.

New Zealand is an amazing place. The culture, lifestyle and diversity of people … a truly unique country.”


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