Job Vacancies

MARCAT recruits for two positions; Farm Assistant and Assistant Herd Manager. To apply to MARCAT for these positions you should hold a qualification in agriculture or animal health and/or have experience with cattle or dairy cows. The salaries for these positions range from NZ$48,000. currency converter
In addition to the salary (or you may be offered an hourly rate) you will receive furnished accommodation. This may be with your employer’s family or in separate living quarters, alone or with other employees.
We have a number of excellent employers who we have worked very closely with over the years. Once you have arrived to your new job, we will be here to assist you in any way we can.

Please apply online – WE NEED YOU!

Working on a New Zealand Dairy Farm

Working on a New Zealand dairy farm will probably be the most challenging work you have experienced. During the spring the hours can be very long, and the pace of work can be very intense. It is very important that you have good skills and a good level of English to help you get through the initial challenge of learning the farm routine.


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