Marcat Limited can provide you with immigration information that is publicly available on the Immigration NZ website There is no cost to employer or employee for this.

Licensed Immigration Advisers

You may wish to engage a Licensed Immigration Adviser to prepare your work visa or residency application.

Immigration Fees

  • Initial Consultation: $300 (This will be deducted from your application fee should you elect to proceed with using the adviser)
  • Work Visa Application: $1500 - 2000
  • Residency Application: $2500 - 3500
  • Partner Visa: $750
  • Dependent Child Visa: $300 - 450
  • Working Holiday Visa: $500
  • Other Visas: Fees available upon request

Immigration New Zealand

If you have any questions regarding immigration to New Zealand please visit the Immigration New Zealand website . You can contact Immigration New Zealand directly on +64 9 914 4100. You can also find the answers to frequently asked questions at

Settling into New Zealand Life

Many foreign dairy farm employees find the transition into the New Zealand way of life very challenging. In this respect it is important that you have very good skills for the job and a good level of English. Research shows that all newcomers experience some level dissatisfaction and frustration a few weeks/months into their new job. This can be mild, or it can be very severe. It is important to know that it is a normal, natural process and part of adjusting to a new way of life in a new culture.

Settlement Curve

The Settlement Curve graphically shows the ups and downs of international relocation. Although, in our experience, the time frame of the stages varies greatly.

Social Connections

It is very important that you make social connections with people as soon as you arrive to your new job, and this can be challenging as farms can be isolated and people from your own culture might be far away. Churches, sports clubs, schools, Young Farmers Groups, and Agricultural Training sessions are good places to meet people. If you need assistance making connections please let us know and we will assist you with this.


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